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785 Main St. E Milton, ON L9T 3Z3

Lifebreath HRVs

Lifebreath HRV

Heat Recovery Ventilators

As homes become increasingly air tight, air quality rapidly declines. An HRV system installed in your home replaces the stale contaminated air from inside with an equal amount of fresh outdoor air. Heat from the outgoing air stream is transferred to the incoming air so you are not wasting money heating your home. Below is a picture of how it works.

  1. Stale air drawn out from house
  2. Air streams pass through heat exchanger transferring heat
  3. Now cool stale air exhausted to the outside
  4. Fresh outdoor air drawn into house
  5. Warmed fresh outdoor air delivered to home

  • Exhausts stale air and odors from your home
  • Replenishes oxygen levels in indoor air
  • Fully controllable fan speeds and run times
  • Bathroom timers available, replacing noisy exhaust fans
  • Easy maintenance
  • Can dehumidify your home in the winter
  • Various sizes and capacities available
  • Bathroom timers
  • ECM fan motor
  • Sensors automatically turn unit on when needed (smoke sensor available - cigar rooms etc.)
  • Outdoor air scrubber to remove smells - skunks etc.